Nov. 16, 2010 at 6:22pm1947 Packard Clipper

Bayley 1947 ClipperThis 1947 Packard Clipper Deluxe Eight sedan is our newest addition to LeMay-America’s Car Museum Collection. The car was donated by Club Auto Member, Christopher Bayley of Seattle. Mr. Bayley states “To me the Dutch Darrin designed Clipper is the most beautiful "modern" Packard. Some of us even think the Silver Cloud I Rolls Royce and comparable Bentley mimicked the look of these cars.”

Dutch Darrin was a driving force behind the styling of the 1941-1947 Packard Clipper. Packard's Clipper had at least as many pioneering features in an even more integrated package. A single piece of seamless steel formed the roof line from windshield header to deck lid; the floor pan comprised only two separate pieces welded longitudinally. Instead of the traditional three-side-window format, Clipper used pivoting ventipanes built into the rear doors. Concealed door hinges, rotary door latches, a low-slung double-drop frame, broad areas of glass, and the banishment of the archaic running boards were also Clipper features. So was the double-link steering design, incorporating a cross bar and idler arm with two cross tubes between the steering brackets and Pitman arm, to allow independent wheel movement.

For the model year 1947, 23,855 Deluxe Clipper Eights were produced.  The car is powered by an in-line L head 8 cylinder engine with 282 cid that produced 165 horsepower. The car is finished in two-tone grey which was one of the few options available in 1947.

Collection management is very grateful to Mr. Bayley for his generous donation. View the cars in his collection at

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