Apr. 21, 2011 at 11:43amIntroducing: The Avanti #1001 Rescue Project

ACM has launched the "Avanti #1001 Rescue Project" to restore our 1963 Studebaker Avanti (which is #1001/body 101), the first production Avanti in America.  If funds can be generated, the museum will cosmetically restore the car to display condition and complete a full mechanical restoration on the world’s first production Avanti.

James BellJames Bell of Bell Studebaker Diner and Museum in Bellingham, Wash., has volunteered to act as our project advisor and will work closely with ACM Collection Manager Renee Crist. They have developed a complete work plan for the project and are encouraged by the interest and support they have received thus far.

The car has been determined to be restorable, but needs a great deal of parts replaced and might have to be rebuilt. The level of restoration will be determined by the amount of parts and donations for the car. All donors contributing funds, parts and labor will be placed on the Avanti 1001 Donor Registry, listed on our website and acknowledged for helping restore this historic car.

1963 Avanti

Priority effort for restoration is cosmetic restoration for display; full restoration will be dependent upon donation support, and all donations are tax deductible.

Support to the project can be made directly to the Museum or through our website, which also has a complete list of needed parts and supplies. Interested donors may contact Renee at vehicledonations@lemaymuseum.org. Look for updates on our website as we move forward. You can further assist the project by telling other car enthusiast, Studebaker and Avanti owners about the restoration of this important car.

Our hope is to have it ready to display for the 50th Anniversary of Avanti celebration in 2012. 1962 was Studebaker's Avanti debut at the 1962 Indianapolis 500. Production cars were delivered starting in 1963.

Updates will continue to be posted on our website.

The project is already gathering notice to the Museum; building new friendships in the car community as well as generating wonderful on-going stories about the car and the restoration progress. The Museum feels this significant car will be one our premiere showcase cars once completed.

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