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LeMay - AMERICA'S CAR MUSEUM Receives Funding for Summer Internship

May 12, 2009

LeMay – America’s Car Museum® is pleased to announce the recent award of $4,800 provided by the Collectors Foundation of Traverse City, Michigan for the internship in the Collection Management department for Summer 2009. Currently, LeMay has chosen Heath Goering as the Conservator Assistant... Read More

LeMay - AMERICA'S CAR MUSEUM Board of Directors Votes to Move Forward

May 11, 2009

At its spring meeting on May 8th, LeMay’s Board of Directors approved the Museum’s financing plan and elected to move forward to prepare for an anticipated fall ground breaking for construction of the new LeMay–America’s Car Museum in Tacoma.   The Board made the decision to move forward based on a review of the Museum’s funding plan... Read More

LeMay board meets and agrees with financing plan; groundbreaking announcement on hold pending approval of funding

May 10, 2009

Posted in the News Tribune by C.R Roberts @ 06:11:25 pm Without actually announcing a date, this is about as close as you can get to the news that the LeMay Automobile Museum will break ground in Tacoma within the next four months... Read More