1963 Avanti #1001 Rescue Project

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LeMay-AMERICA’S CAR MUSEUM has in its collection, the car that has been designated as Avanti #1001, the first production Avanti sold in America. The car at one time was altered to the condition shown on this page (as it looked when donated to the museum) and is in need of full restoration to bring the car back to the way it looked the day it was first sold. The car was donated to the museum in 2003 by Dr. Daniel Cook of Lakewood Washington.

After inspecting the Avanti we have determined the car to be very restorable but needing parts replaced, or rebuilt. We decided this car deserved a show quality restoration to original specifications. The work is in progress. Once completed, this Studebaker Avanti will be one of our showcase vehicles, telling the story of American automotive manufacturing, innovative design and engineering.

The project was recently featured in Hemmings Daily News [April 11, 2014] http://blog.hemmings.com/index.php/2014/04/11/first-studebaker-avantis-restoration-nearly-complete/

LeMay-America's Car Museum is very grateful for the support of the Studebaker historians, Avanti owners and Studebaker Drivers Club members.

Collection Manager, vehicledonations@lemaymuseum.org or 253-683-3967
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UPDATE: The Avanti after paint and body work (April 2014) on display in the museum (temporary).  The car is now off to the upholstery shop.
Avanti rat the Museum

Avanti 1001 BEFORE
Avanti green

UPDATE: above card was found by Lew Schucart, Editor of Avanti Magazine and sent to us, showing the car was once owned by Dick Goldfarb. No date was on the card so we are not sure when and where the car was for sale by Mr. Goldfarb.  Another piece of the puzzle uncovered! 

1963 Avanti #1001 data:
-    The serial number for the car 63R 1001
-    The order date was 4/26/1962
-    Final assembly date was 6/1962
-    Shipping date was 6/25/1962
-    Body Number for the car 63R-Q, then 101 was added
-    Body color originally Avanti White
-    Interior originally Deluxe Orange
-    Engine, R2, #RS1002 -matches the build sheet
-    Car came with: hill holder, front and rear seat belts, rear speaker, antenna, white wall tires, twin traction

Build sheet thanks to Andrew Beckman, Archivist for the Studebaker National Museum

ACM received a copy of a Studebaker Internal Appropriation memo dated 6-8-62 from Studebaker Historian John Hull, Author of Avanti-The Complete Story showing "1-62R Serial No. 1001" to be allocated for South Bend Technical Training Center. The memo and accompanying "Authorization of Expenditures" document authorizes the use of 5 cars to Technical Training Centers around the country.

The purpose was to "develop shop manuals and present Avanti Technical Service Training Program to corporate and dealer personnel."

UPDATE on the restoration of another important Avanti, #1002 -the restoration of Avanti 1002 has been completed and the owner's story was featured in the NY Times March 2014. The car won the top award in it's class at Amelia Island Concourse d'Elegance.