Avanti 1001 Project Photos-The Beginning

"The Avanti #1 is a very special car for our collection.  Because of the scope and importance of the project I put out a call to the Studebaker community for an expert to advise and co-project manage. James Bell, Studebaker Drivers Club member and historian, who has a significant private Studebaker collection in Bellingham, Washington volunteered to assist us. A lot of work has gone on behind the scenes to plan for this project’s success.  I cannot tell you how happy I am to see the response we have been getting in such a short time.  I look forward to seeing the car back to original condition and utilizing the car to showcase Studebaker's Avanti story in our museum.  Its significance in automotive design and American car manufacturing is a perfect match to the museum's theme America's Love Affair with the Automobile. Avantis have gone on to become loved by car collectors all over the world. Completed, the car will be one of top exhibit cars in the collection".

  ~ Renee Crist, Collections Manager, LeMay-America's Car Museum, 2011

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James Bell, Studebaker Collector and Renee Crist, ACM Collections Director
Avanti restoration planning meeting at America's Car Museum Fife facility in 2011 to map out work plan and to discuss historical research needs for this significant car.

James and Stephanie Bell from Bells Studebaker Diner and Museum with the 1963 Avanti #1

Plate "63R 1001"

James Bell in inspecting the rear window which appears to be unmodified.

A complete assessment was performed on the car inside and out.  

The front seats show the original upholstery and the car's original color on the dash. 

Engine stamp "RS 1002"