October 2, 2011 Progress Photos

New Updates:

Midland-Ross Frame Tag

James Bell and crew reported they have found a plate in the car with information stamped into it. The data plate has black paint over it and with some green paint. The tag information was sent to Avanti Historian John Hull, who reported that the green paint is the actual color of the plate used by Midland-Ross Corporation of Cleveland, Ohio.  The part seen on the plate has has the following:

Cleveland - Studebaker  20-2815  155881 4 – 5 – 62  4 – 10 – 62

Further discovery shows that the tag number "1555881" is the part number for the Avanti frame (listed in the Avanti parts catalog). So the tag on the frame was from Midland-Ross Co., who manufactured the Avanti frame for Studebaker.

SR1001 Accounting Memo

Studebaker accounting records shared with us by Avanti Historian John Hull which shows an accounting memo Entitled "Avanti's for Technical Service Centers" Dated 6/8/1962
"Copy of appropriation 9860, Authorization for Expenditures" Approving the release of 5 Avantis to be used at Technical Training Centers." The memo details the account expenditures needed to appropriate 63R-1001 and release for use at the South Bend Technical Training Center. (5 total were used at various service centers around the USA)
The memo further notes: "These vehicles to be used to develop shop manual and present Avanti Technical Service Training Program to corporate and dealer personnel."

1971 - Avanti Magazine #18 Excerpt of an Article by Bruce E. Slifer

“The vehicle is presently owned by Mr. Bill Palmer, a 23 year old who bought the car without realizing what he had discovered.  The car was purchased from Feldman Motors, Boston, MA, a Studebaker dealer,  in January of 1970.  As far as Bill can determine, he is the fourth owner. When purchased, the speedometer registered 39,900 miles.  It presently has 52,500 miles showing.  When he purchased the car it was lacking the supercharger.” 

The article further noted that Bill Palmer had purchased a new setup to replace the supercharger, the exterior color was Avanti white with orange/fawn interior, deluxe trim, R2 engine, 4 speed transmissions, and twin traction differential. The car was "being driven daily by Bill" and currently was for sale.

This indeed matches the title records provided with the car donation from Dr. Cook.  We have copies of two titles: a copy of a Massachusetts title date of issue 2/18/70 and a copy of a New Jersey title both in the name of William W. Palmer of Cape May New Jersey date of issue 3/5/70.

Studebaker Accounting Memo