Exhibits on Display:

VeeDub — Bohemian Beauties

America's Car Museum celebrates the impact of an unlikely German car brand — Volkswagen — on a restless postwar America ripe for change. The "people's car" captured the imagination with its simple and elegant designs, while the innovative technology provided a platform for personal expression. The result was a culture of customization that had a lasting impact on America and embodied the free spirit of an entire era.

VeeDub Opening

Harold E. LeMay

The Grand Gallery features 45 cars originally from Harold and Nancy LeMay’s vast car collection. The exhibit helps to show the diversity of the 3000+ cars that Harold collected during his lifetime. The cars on display span the entire century of the automobile, with a heavy influence of American cars. Highlights include the 1917 Crane Simplex, a 1930 Duesenberg J, and a 1948 Tucker.
LeMay - Tucker 

British Invasion

The British Invasion exhibit covers both the cars and the culture that invaded America after WWII, and through the 1960s. The exhibit also celebrates the culture of Great Britain in the 1960s, with the Beatles, the Cavern Club, and so much of what invaded America during this era. Iconic cars displayed in this exhibit include Jaguar, Mini, Austin-Healey, and Lotus.
British Invasion- fixed (small) 

Legends of Motorsports: The NASCAR Story

From farmers and moonshiners racing “strictly stock” family sedans on treacherous dirt tracks, to a high-tech, high-stakes sport with 70 million fans, the story of NASCAR is a uniquely American tale of ambition, vision, and fast, fast cars. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or a raw rookie, you’ll discover the colorful characters that have dominated NASCAR tracks over the years, see the technology that lets drivers walk away from 200 MPH crashes unscathed, and meet the fans for whom it is as much a lifestyle as a sport. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines—this is the story of NASCAR! See photos of the exhibit here


Master Collector

Meet the Master Collectors: those dedicated enthusiasts whose passion for cars knows no bounds. Thanks to them, important milestones of automotive ingenuity, engineering, and beauty survive to be viewed and enjoyed today. See how they will go to any length to find, restore, and share the cars of their dreams—only at America’s Car Museum. 

Master Collectors

Classics and Custom Coachwork

Opulence and luxury abound in this exhibit highlighting amazing cars from the 1930s. During an era when high end cars were built as a “rolling chassis”, and then sent out to a custom coachbuilder for the body and interior, this exhibit highlights some of the best in the world. The exhibit features custom coachwork by Darrin, Erdman & Rossi, Dietrich, and Derham on various Duesenberg, Packard, Lincoln, and Mercedes-Benz automobiles.

Alternative Propulsion

Showcasing over 100 years of automobiles powered by various combinations of steam, electric, gasoline, and solar, this exhibit shows the story of what has become our modern day electric/hybrid car. The exhibit has some of the earliest electric cars, all the way to the current offerings by major manufactures such as GM, Toyota, and Nissan.
Alternative Propulsion_SolarCar