Student Workshops

Student workshops are combined with focused gallery tours to better enhance the learning experience. Both are designed to address Essential Academic Learning Requirements and Common Core State Standards. Curriculum guides for each workshop include pre- and post-visit lesson plans as well as additional resources to help incorporate your Museum visit into your classroom.

Topics Include:

Stylish Speed: Why are car bodies designed in certain ways? What makes a car aerodynamic? How do car designs reflect the time period in which they were created?

Science on Wheels: How does an internal combustion engine work? How do simple machines combine to make cars run?
Download Curriculum Guides: 3rd through 5th Grade, and 6th through 12th Grade.

Street Signs, Stop Lights, and Seat Belts: Why are safety features necessary in cars? Why is it important to pay attention to the road, especially to specific colors, shapes, and directions?

Pit Crew - Team-building Challenge: How do NASCAR teams work together to solve problems? How do organizational skills help the Pit Crew work under pressure and communicate speedy decisions?

Fuels for the Future: Where do fossil fuels come from? How does use of fossil fuels contribute to pollution? What alternative sources of energy can be used for transportation?

Pinewood Derby Experiment: How can derby cars be designed to increase force and reduce friction? How can Newton's Laws of Motion and energy transfers be illustrated through a Pinewood Derby race?

Each workshop is modified for student ability level. Below is a chart that lists which programs are currently available for which grade levels. If you see a program that you are interested in, but it is not yet available for your age group, please let us know and we may be able to make special arrangements.
 Workshop  Gear 1 (Preschool)  Gear 2 (Kindergarten-2nd Grade)  Gear 3 (3rd Grade-5th Grade) Gear 4 (6th Grade-8th Grade)  Gear 5 (9th Grade-12th Grade) 
 Stylish Speed  x  x  x  x
 Science on Wheels      x  x  x
 Street Signs, Stop Lights, and Seat Belts  x  x      
 Pit Crew - Team-building Challenge        x  x
 Fuels for the Future        x  x
 Pinewood Derby Experiment      x  x  x

For curriculum packets, please email Carolyn Dunand at

Coming Soon:
Stories from the Road: A living history workshop that will correspond to the Route 66 exhibit