Plan Your Visit

Parking & Transportation

There is complimentary parking for buses at the museum. Details on parking location will be given upon confirmation of reservation. Please remember to have a teacher or staff member check in before unloading students.

Pierce Transit Class Pass
Up to thirty people may ride together on one regularly scheduled bus (if space is available) for $48 round trip. The Class Pass must be purchased in advance through Pierce Transit. Contact Pierce Transit online or call 253-581-8000 for more information.


Students may bring their lunches and eat them at the museum in selected locations arranged during your reservation process. Discounts are also available for small groups to purchase food in our cafe. If you are interested in pre-ordering box lunches from Pacific Grill, please make your order online.

School Group Souvenir Kits

Use the form below to preorder and prepay for your group's souvenir kits. All preorders must be received at least one week in advance. Once ordered, souvenir kits will be available for pick-up in the store on the day of your visit.

After Your Visit

After your visit, we invite teachers to take our online survey to provide feedback on the overall experience.

School Visit

Travel Tips

  • Before entering the museum, divide students into smaller groups of 5-10 with an assigned chaperone.
  • The chaperone will be responsible for staying with students and ensuring they have a great time and follow the Rules of the Road.
  • Cameras and photographs for personal use are allowed (no tripods are permitted in the galleries).
  • Cell phones may be used to take pictures of the vehicles, but we ask that you place phones on silent and store out of sight while tour guides and/or museum educators are speaking to give them your full attention and respect.
  • Leave backpacks and coats on the bus, or place in an area designated by staff.
  • Restrooms and water fountains are located near the elevator on all floors except the bottom floor.
A printable version of these tips can be found here.

Field Trip Guide

Please review our Field Trip Guide prior to your visit. The Field Trip Guide is available for download here, and can be printed out for future reference.