Help Drive America's Car Museum - VOLUNTEER!

If you enjoy classic automobiles and would like to work with other people who share your love for cars, become a LeMay – America's Car Museum volunteer!

As a non-profit organization, the Museum relies on the hard work and dedication of volunteers. Our flexible volunteers preserve the Museum’s unique collection of automobiles, share information about the Museum to the public, and contribute to the Museum’s Mission.

Active volunteers are asked to record a minimum of 8 hours/month throughout the year and new volunteers need to also attend a Volunteer Orientation. New orientations are generally held on a monthly basis, plus additional training is required for specific volunteer assignments.

For information, please feel free to contact us by email or call 253.779.8490.

Here is a sampling of some the volunteer opportunities at our Museum:

Docents / Tour Guides
Docents conduct guided tours of the Museum for audiences of diverse backgrounds which may include school-age children, young adults, educators, seniors, visitors with special needs, and those for whom English is not a first language. Docents will provide a brief history of the Museum, explanation of the Museum’s programs, tour of the current exhibitions, and state future plans and goals of the Museum.

Museum Educator
Museum Educators lead K-12 audiences in the discovery of automobile-themed curriculum topics in the subjects of American history, math, science, literacy, and the arts through a guided museum experience.

Collection Monitors
Collections Management is in charge of seeing that our valuable collection of vehicles and artifacts are displayed for maximum enjoyment by our visitors. They are charged to see that the collection is kept safe and the condition preserved. Collection Monitors protect and oversee the collection on view to insure they are not handled in any way. In addition, they provide information about the museum, its history, and the collection to enhance the experience for our visitors.

Pit Crew
The Pit Crew assists visitors with The Speed Zone at America’s Car Museum. Pit Crew volunteers will assist visitors in and out of the race car simulators in the Boone Racing Experience and orient them in how the attraction works. The Pit Crew will also assist in the Miller Slot Car Circuit to keep cars racing on the raised tracks.

Photo Booth Attendant
Photo Booth Attendants operate a museum attraction where guests have their photos taken in a 1923 Buick. The attendant instructs on proper car entry for guest safety and car preservation and advises guests (positioning, fun facial expressions, etc.) for a memorable picture.  The Attendant also starts and shuts down a camera-computer and changes photo paper and ink.

Greeters welcome museum guests, distribute maps, and encourage subscription to the museum’s award winning e-newsletter, En Route, through the collection of patron emails. Greeters will also answer general questions and provide information to guests entering the museum.  

Events Specialist
Assist with the numerous events that are booked at the museum. Volunteers may be needed to greet visitors in the lobby and help direct them where to go, or work as a Collection Monitor in the galleries, or even to dress up in costume to fit the theme of a party for added ambiance. Events can occur at just about any time - daytime, evenings, and weekends. Weekend and evening volunteers are of particular need.

Desired attributes include: positive attitude, professional appearance and conduct, and a desire to promote the mission of the LeMay - America's Car Museum.

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Collection Monitors

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