T10 4 Speed Transmission is done and ready to go back in the 1001 Avanti. 

The shifter on the car was bad, but James Bell was able to use another one he had and between the 2 shifters and some parts, he made it like new now. It has a NOS chrome handle donated by James.

The transmission rebuild was donated by Robert "Doc" Garbareno.

The transmission was about the only part of the car that was in great condition except it needed a new front bearing and new seals/gaskets. Doc did a great job on it, but it was all painted black when it was pulled (likely from a rebuild), so Doc repainted it black painted the tail-shaft and side cover silver (although those were originally bare aluminum).

The Avanti 1001 was on display for about three weeks in America's Car Museum shop between March-April 2014.  This is the first time the car has been inside the new which opened in May of 2012.  The car was well received by guests, and then it was off to the upholstery shop.