Frequently Asked Questions about LeMay AMERICA'S CAR MUSEUM

Where is the new museum located?

The new LeMay – AMERICA'S CAR MUSEUM® is located in Tacoma, Washington. The new museum campus is nine (9) acres in size and located adjacent to the Tacoma Dome alongside Interstate 5.

Why Tacoma?

Tacoma is home to the LeMay family and the amazing LeMay Collection. It was Harold and Nancy LeMay who, with help from family and many friends, assembled the LeMay Collection over a 40-year period.

How many vehicles were in the LeMay Collection?

In 1997, the Guinness Book of World Records recognized the LeMay Collection as the largest private collection in the world with 2,200 vehicles. However, at one time after that, the LeMay Collection actually exceeded 3,400 vehicles!

How many vehicles are in the new museum?

The new museum actively displays 350 vehicles at one time.

What types of vehicles are on display in the new museum?

Classic, contemporary and even futuristic cars with brand names spanning the breadth of the American auto industry, as well as trucks, buses, motorcycles, and related “automobilia” are on display.

When did the new museum open?

The museum opened June 2, 2012.

What will this new museum campus look like?

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Is education an important part of the Museum?

Absolutely! Education is a cornerstone of the Museum. Programs offering educational activities and experiences will be provided for visitors of all ages. Engaging curricula for school-age students will be developed with input from local educators. The Museum anticipates a significant portion of its annual attendance will be school-age visitors and, as such, technologically advanced, interactive displays and exhibits will be designed with them in mind.

For non-school-age visitors, the Museum expects to utilize state-of-the-art, customer-directed, wireless technology in educating and informing its guests. Such devices permit a completely customized learning experience for each visitor who can access as little or as much information as they choose. Further, the information can be presented as text, audio, video or in combination.

How many days of the week will the new Museum be open, and for how long each day?

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How many visitors do you expect to come to the museum each year?

We anticipate that more than 400,000 guests will visit the museum each year!

Are volunteer opportunities available at the new museum?

Absolutely! The museum will continue to value highly the involvement of volunteers! Opportunities are available for volunteers as docents, retail assistants, administrative assistants, collection management assistants and in many other roles. Please, come join us as a volunteer! For more information, please contact or call 253.779.8490.

Does the museum host other types of events?

The museum will be an exciting gathering place for car enthusiasts, leisure and vacation travelers, tour groups as well as local and regional visitors. We expect visitors will want to come many times during the year because of the range of events hosted at the museum.

Indoor events will include community activities, meetings and banquets; corporate shows, exhibits, training and banquets; car club meetings; film festivals and symposia for car enthusiasts; and many other exciting events.

Outdoor events will include local, regional and national car club events; car shows and swap meets; outdoor concerts; road rallies and tours; product launches of new automobiles; a Concours d’Elegance and an annual major auction.

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If I want to hold an event at the museum now, who should I contact?

For more information about hosting an event at the one of the Museum's locations, please contact LeAna Reising at 253.683.3955 or email at

Can I become a member of Americas Car Museum?

Yes! Join today and you can become a member of the museum. Drivers Club memberships can be purchased at many giving levels for individuals, couples, and families. Contact our Membership Department by phone at 253.779.8490 or visit the membership section of our website.

What are the individual donor membership levels?

In addition to the many Drivers Club levels, the Collectors Club membership represents a commitment to sustain support for the museum. Members at this level enjoy permanent recognition, member-only events and other exclusive benefits. Concours Club represents the most prestigious membership level and is represented by significant permanent recognition.

I belong to a local car club. Can our club become a member too?

Definitely! We have a variety of membership levels for car clubs.  To find out more, contact our Membership Department by phone at 253.779.8490 or visit the car club section of our website for more information.

I think that this is an amazing collection and I would really like to see this organization grow. I would be interested in participating now – how can I learn more about volunteering?

To find out more about volunteer opportunities, please contact our please contact or call 253.779.8490.

Thanks for your interest!