1986 Owosso Pulse

The Pulse was designed by Jim Bede (who also designed the Bede line of airplanes) and built by the Owosso Motor Company.


The Pulse is actually a motorcycle with outriggers wheels attached. It seats two and advertised fuel consumption was 100 MPG.  Most Pulses came with a 400 cc air cooled Yamaha engine with 6 speeds and chain drive with an electric motor for reverse.  It rides on two automotive type wheels and tires. Each out rigger has a small 8" diameter wheel, and because only one wheel makes contact with the ground at a time, most states classify it as a three-wheeled motorcycle.


It has a 120" wheel base, total length of 192" and weighs approximately 1000 pounds.  It has steering like a car, with clutch, brakes, and gas pedal on the floor just like a car.  The gearshift, located on the right armrest, shifts sequentially like a motorcycle.  The brakes and master cylinders are automotive type. The fuel tank is in the rear and has a capacity of three gallons.

Production began in 1984 and ended in 1990.  In 1986 Owosso Motor Car Company made 101 cars. There were a total of 325 Pulses built, all by the Owosso Motor Car Company (OMCC), Owosso, Michigan.


Year: 1986
Make: Owosso
Model: Pulse
Style: Coupe

Serial No: 17JW12R6GM000223
Odometer: 711
Engine Cyl: 2
Engine Size: 400 cc
Engine HP:
Trans: Sequential 6-Speed