1931 Plymouth PA

As the depression began, few people had money to spend on a new car. The first model PA rolled out on May 1, 1931 and the model was introduced on July 11 with Walter Chrysler reducing the price of the roadster by $15 to $595. Phaeton and convertibles prices dropped even more while two and four door sedans increased slightly. In 1931, 2680 model PA’s were built and this was the first redesigned Plymouth since the model Q.

Plymouth introduced engineering improvements in the PA including a fully automated mechanical spark advance system controlled by the manifold vacuum and a "free-wheeling" unit popular during this time allowing certain clutch free shifting but later deemed unsafe and abandoned. Perhaps their biggest engineering breakthrough on the PA was "Floating Power" which was a new way to mount the engine to the chassis. It would become a Plymouth and Chrysler trademark and soon after it became an industry standard. PA production ended after one year with the introduction of the model PB.

Year: 1931
Make: Plymouth
Model: PA
Style: Business Roadster

Serial No: 1623402
Engine Cyl: 4
Engine Size: 196 cid
Engine HP: 56