1949 Kuzma-Offy Midget Racer

One of the many influences in Midget Racing's’ success was the Offenhauser engine. Los Angeles promoter Earl Gilmore was in charge of one of the premier tracks on the west coast circuit and working with racing engine gurus Fred Offenhauser and Leo Goosen, he commissioned the build of a bulletproof and powerful 98-cubic-inch, four-cylinder engine specifically for midget racing. Instead of reinventing the wheel, the duo took a look at the Miller racing engine that from the Indy 500 cars and used half the cylinders. The "Offy" soon ruled midget racing.

Tacoma native Syd Carr (1908-1980) built this 1949 Carr Offy Midget with chassis and body by Eddie Kuzma. Eddie Kuzma was a Los Angeles-based fabricator who also constructed many winning full-size racecars. The car was raced by the Carr Racing team from 1949-1976 and campaigned primarily in the Northwest; a good deal of its competitive life was spent in Tacoma, Washington. #44 is powered an upgraded 110-cubic-inch, 130-horse Offenhauser four cylinder that Carr ordered from Meyer & Drake in Los Angeles. The car has a special 110 Blower Offy motor, original gauges and Riley carburetors.

The car raced competitively for 26 years. Among its top accomplishments is winning the 1965 Northwest Championship with Johnny McIntyre at the controls. The #44 Kuzma Offenhauser took its last race in Seattle’s Kingdome in the fall of 1976. The car was purchased by William Cammarano in 1983 from the Carr estate and restored back to original 1950 race condition and donated to the ACM Collection in 2011.

Feature car in Griots Handbook #378 https://www.flickr.com/photos/griots/sets/72157638856314346/

Photo by Michael Craft Photography

Year: 1949
Make: Kuzma-Offy
Model: Midget Racer

Serial No:
Engine Cyl: 4
Engine Size: 98
Engine HP: 130