1961 Chrysler 300 G

The Chrysler letter cars were born when they married the “Hemi” engine with Virgil Exner’s radically re-designed line creating what became known as “The Forward Look”. 

The design was simple but strong without much chrome on the sides, creating the illusion of fast forward movement. It was named the 300 because in 1955 when it was introduced it came equipped with Carter 4 barrel carburetors, a solid lifter camshaft, and a larger exhaust which produced 300 horsepower, the first modern American production engine to accomplish that. A firm suspension allowed it to be lower and to corner better than most cars. The inside was luxurious with leather upholstery and well designed instrumentation.

In 1961 Chrysler introduced the 300 G which was powered by the “Hemi” with a "raminducted" 413 Wedge V8 producing 375 hp, 400 hp as an option. The engine had a hot cam, heavy-duty valve springs, low back-pressure exhaust system, dual point distributor, special plugs, and dual four-barrel carbs. The carbs were mounted on cross-ram manifold that put one air cleaner on each side of the engine. The Chrysler letter cars were produced in limited numbers and only 1,280 of these hardtops were produced in 1961. They retailed for $5411.

Langworth, Richard M., “Illustrated Chrysler Buyer’s Guide”
Hemmings Classic Car Volume 4 Issue 8, May 2008

Year: 1961
Make: Chrysler
Model: 300 G
Style: 2 Door Hardtop

Serial No: 8412153127
Engine Cyl: V8
Engine Size: 413 cid
Engine HP: 375
Trans: Automatic