1920 Abadal Buick

Francisco "Paco" Abadal, who was as an agent in Madrid for Hispano-Suiza, started building cars bearing his name in from 1912 in Barcelona Spain. Abadal continued to produce luxury coach built cars during WWI using available chassis and engines such as Mercedes and Peugeot and in 1916, Abadal acquired the license to import and sell Buicks.

Abadal utilized standard 6 cylinder Buicks, lengthening the frame and drive lines, (the ACM Abadal has been extended 13.5 inches), and adding Westinghouse air-hydraulic shocks front and rear. Buick’s rear cantilever spring design was removed by Abadal engineers for a simple leaf-spring. The cars were then were re-bodied with high quality custom coach designs to order.

America's Car Museum's 1920 Buick Abadal was built in Barcelona Spain and was exported from Europe by the original owner when he moved family to South America. The chassis and engine number verify it to be a 1920 Buick. The right hand drive 5 passenger Landaulet features an open chauffeur compartment, folding rear roof over passenger compartment, split V-windshield, brass and burl wood trim throughout with silver vanity cases holding silver cigarette cases installed in the passenger compartment.

The Abadal remained licensed and in use by the family of the original owner as late as 1958, and the family later sold the car to a Seattle collector who imported it to the United States in 1967. The car was owned by a second collector until being acquired by Harold E. LeMay in 1997. The car has been in the ownership of LeMay-America's Car Museum since 2000.

Year: 1920
Make: Abadal
Model: Buick
Style: Landaulet

Serial No: 574728
Engine Cyl: 6
Engine Size: 225 cid
Engine HP: 45
Trans: 3-Speed