1956 Messerschmitt KR200

Messerschmitt was a German aircraft manufacturer during WWII. When the war in Europe ended, Messerschmitt and other German aircraft companies were no longer permitted to build planes. To fill the product void, Messerschmitt AG began producing alloy framed, pre-fab housing kits and three-wheeled “bubblecars”. Although the car was designed by an aircraft engineer, the ‘Schmitt’ was not cobbled together with left over aircraft parts and the ‘cockpit’ canopy did not come from scrapped Bf109 fighter planes.

Messerschmitt, built micro-cars for nearly two decades. Introduced in the spring of 1955, the KR200 was a three-wheeled 2 seat, rear wheel drive car that became known in German as “Schneewittchensarg” or Snow White’s Coffin. The KR stood for "Kabinenroller" and the 200 denoted the engine size. This model had a wide front track, open front fenders, a wrap-around windscreen and a clever system for starting the engine backward, giving it four speeds in reverse. The total body length was 99", a width of 48", and capable of speeds of 60 mph.

In the year and a half of production, at the Messerschmitt plant in Regensberg, 16,000 KR200s were produced. The KR200 was available in several variants: the bubble-top coupe, the convertible cabriolet, the topless Sport, and the KR201 roadster.

By the mid 1950's, the Messerschmitt company was allowed to return to airplane production and the automobile production was moved down the road, where it continued production of the KR200 as a new company. Over 25,000 were produced by the new company, still using the Messerschmitt company name, by the time the plant closed in 1964.

Triva: “Cousin It” on the Addams Family drove a white Messerschmitt and Elvis
Presley owned a red KR200.

This 3-wheeler is by Fahrzeug-und Maschinengebau GmbH of Regensburg, Germany. It has a 200 cc 2-stroke single cylinder Sachs engine.

Year: 1956
Make: Messerschmitt
Model: KR200
Style: 1 Door

Serial No: 2104998
Odometer: 104
Engine Cyl: 1
Engine Size: 196 cc
Engine HP:
Trans: Manual 4 speed