1947 Ford Railway Express Truck

The Railway Express Agency or "REA" was more than just another trucking company. At one time, packages were shipped worldwide via Railway Express just as we do UPS or FedEX today.

The REA "Green truck" delivery started in 1917 when the United States Railway Authority consolidated several railroad shipping companies into a monopoly known as the Railway Express Agency. Operation ceased in 1975.

This 1947 Ford REA truck is a restoration of an Olympia Washington area Railway Express Delivery Van. Before it was restored, the truck for over two decades was used as a storage shed, a hay barn and finally almost ready for the scrap yard before it was saved and faithfully restored to its current condition in 1992 by Mr. Harold LeMay in his restoration shop.

Year: 1947
Make: Ford
Model: Railway Express Truck
Style: 1 Ton Box Truck

Serial No:
Engine Cyl: 6
Engine Size: 226 cid
Engine HP: 90
Trans: Manual 4-Speed