1909 Regal 30

The Regal Motor Car Company of Detroit, Michigan built automobiles from 1907 through 1914. They shipped their first 175 cars in 1908 and they did not hold up very well mechanically. In fact they were so bad that they recalled all 175 cars, marking perhaps Detroit’s first auto recall. This led to their motto “honest with itself, honest with its product, and honest in its dealings with its distributors and owners”.

Problems were quickly corrected and over 2000 cars were shipped in 1909. A record transcontinental run was set in 1908 by George Wilcox by traveling 4031 miles in 38 days.

The same car repeated the trip five more times accumulating more than 22,000 miles. In 1909 this five-passenger touring car sold for $1,250.

Year: 1909
Make: Regal
Model: 30
Style: Touring 5 Passenger

Serial No: 1411
Engine Cyl: 4
Engine Size:
Engine HP: 30
Trans: Manual