1960 Rambler Ferrambo

The Ferrambo came to America’s Car Museum’s Collection in December of 2012 from the collection of Mike Warn, who had the inspiration to create this beautiful custom car from a 1960 Rambler Station wagon, “slamming it down to the ground” and adding a Ferrari drive train. The result is the Ferrambo, a Rambler wagon with a 2002 Ferrari 360 Modena drivetrain featuring a 405hp, 3.6L, V-8 engine, and a 6-speed manual transmission with the classic Ferrari shift-gate. The car‘s front end styling was designed to resemble an early Lusso Ferrari. It is painted Ferrari Rosso Corsa Red, and has a custom tan Scottish leather interior. Almost everything has been modified on this car and there are hundreds of hand-built parts -- down to the custom-made nuts and bolts.

Mike Warn purchased the 1960 Rambler from longtime friend, J Craig Lang, who was one of the many owners of the Rambler Wagon before it was transformed into the Ferrambo. It was actually Craig’s new 2003 Ferrari that provided the initial measurements needed to ensure the possibility of Ferrambo’s future. Warn connected with custom car visionary Tim Divers and his team at Divers Street Rods in Startup, Washington, to build a car combining “American and European style and performance”.

In March of 2008, Ferrambo captured the prestigious Ridler Award, hot rodding’s highest honor. The Don Ridler Memorial award is presented annually at Detroit Michigan’s Autorama to “the owner of a vehicle that has exhibited inspired creativity, ingenious engineering, and superb workmanship.” (Street Rodder Magazine July 2008 Vol 37, No7). The winner of the Ridler must endure a grueling week-long competition where every inch of the car is scrutinized. Thirty cars in “first-shown status” are selected by invitation to compete, and the field is narrowed to eight finalists. The final eight, known as “The Great 8”, are then critiqued by seven judges for four consecutive days, 24 hours a day. Only one is awarded the Ridler, and in 2008 the Ferrambo was crowned. 2013 Marks the 50th anniversary of the Ridler award.

Mr. Warn generously donated the Ferrambo to America’s Car museum’s collection, and the car is currently on display in the ACM Speed Zone.

Year: 1960
Make: Rambler
Model: Ferrambo
Style: Custom Wagon

Serial No:
Engine Cyl: V8
Engine Size: 3.6 Ltr
Engine HP: 405 h.p.
Trans: 6 Speed Manual