1926 Ford Model T

Sales of the Ford Model T began declining in 1924 due mostly to competition from Chevrolet and other marques in the same price field. Other manufacturers offered luxuries and styling not available in a Ford at any price, such as a three-speed, selective-gear transmission and electric start as standard equipment as well as a choice of colors.

In 1926 Ford introduced a new model, not a new car. There was little question that this was a new model, being lower, longer, heavier and more streamlined.

While still a “T”, the new Ford was available in colors other than black. The choice depended on which model you bought; the Ford or Sedan came in Windsor Maroon, the Coupe and Tudor Sedan were finished in Channel Green and the Runabout and Touring was black. All Model Ts came with black fenders, splash aprons and running boards.

The Model Ts featured new nickel-plated headlight rims and radiator shells as standard equipment; chrome plating wasn’t invented until 1928. The 1926 models also featured improved upholstery with lower, deeper cushioned seats and improved brakes in the rear axle and transmission.

This Model T is one of the ACM vehicles used for "Take a Spin" events at ACM giving rides in select vintage vehicles in the ACM collection.  Take A Spin is scheduled May-August, see ACM event calendar for dates.

Year: 1926
Make: Ford
Model: Model T
Style: Touring

Serial No:
Engine Cyl: 4
Engine Size: 176.7 cid
Engine HP: 20
Trans: Planetary 2-Speed