1926 Rolls Royce 20/25 Silver Ghost, Tilbury body

America's Car Museum's Willoughby Body Tilbury Rolls Royce was built by Rolls Royce of America, Springfield Massachusetts (1921-1935) for Mrs. R.D. Inman, (Clarissa Alice Kyes Inman) and delivered to her in Portland, Oregon on July 1, 1926. Mr. Robert D. Inman was the founder of the Inman-Poulsen Lumber Company in Portland Oregon. Following her husband's death in 1920, Clarissa Inman maintained interest in the Lumber Company. She was an inventor and developed and held the patent on the electric curling iron. She started Dell Manufacturing Co. to produce her invention in Chicago, and the curing irons were sold through through Western Electric and Marshall Field & Co. The Inman house, built in 1926 by Mrs. Inman,  is listed in the U.S. National Register of Historic places."

"Donald Raymond Wilson, the nephew of Clarissa Kyes Inman's brother, Charles Kyes, remembers going to this Inman house to visit when Donald Raymond Wilson when was a young boy. He also remembers Clarissa Inman visiting Donald Raymond Wilson's house when he was a young boy in her large Rolls Royce automobile. This created quite a stir in Donald's neighborhood."

Henry Royce designed the Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost to replace his rough-running six-cylinder "Thirty" with something more reliable, something smoother and quieter.

He succeeded so completely that the new car, introduced at the Olympia Motor Show and later named Silver Ghost, became the longest-running single model next to the Model T Ford (and, much later, the VW Beetle and the British Mini) -- and certainly the most famous luxury car in history. The Silver Ghost remains to this day the most desirable model among antique (pre-1930) cars.

In 1919, the company incorporated as Rolls-Royce of America and acquired its first US manufacturing plant in Springfield, Massachusetts. Production began the following year. By 1923, Rolls-Royce presence in the U.S. was substantial. Rolls-Royce of America Inc. manufactured nearly 3000 Silver Ghosts and Phantoms before succumbing to the Great Depression. To this day, Springfield is the only place outside England that Rolls-Royce cars have ever been built.

There were 138 Silver Ghosts built with the Tilbury style body style built by Willoughby & Co.

Resource: International Rolls Royce Owners Association http://www.rroc.org/index.asp

National Register of Historic Places

Year: 1926
Make: Rolls Royce
Model: 20/25 Silver Ghost, Tilbury body
Style: Close Coupled Saloon

Serial No: S158MK
Odometer: 37424
Engine Cyl: 6
Engine Size: 7428 cc
Engine HP: 86
Trans: Manual 3-Speed