1926 Oldsmobile Holden 30D

In December 1923 an agreement was made between the General Motors Corp and Adelaide's Holden Motor Body Builders for the manufacture of bodies for fully imported pre-assembled chassis' for GM vehicles. This partnership allowed GM to avoid significant import duties. As a result, Oldsmobiles could sell in Australia at a relatively low cost. The Oldmobile 30 series built between 1923 & 1927 proved to be very popular in Australia.

Holden built the vast majority of the bodies for Olds in the 20's, but the low volume models such as roadsters & some sedan’s were still imported up to the end of 1929. With Australia feeling the depression as harshly as the rest of the world, GM ceased exports of Oldsmobiles to Australia at the end of 1929, and did not resume until 1934.

America's Car Museum's Holden was beautifully was restored to it's current condition by Mr. Peter Gifford of Dunlop Australia. Mr. Gifford writes,

"I bought the Olds in 1975 as a pile of rubbish in a backyard for $100 and it was certainly not a complete car. After six years of restoration and countless miles of chasing parts (there was no eBay back then), it was complete. I still think it was a great achievement to do this restoration in my shed. The body colour is a GM colour called Chamois. The chassis and the engine used in the restoration are of the same car.

I believe it to be a very early 1926. It still has some characteristics of 1925 such as round fuel tank; late 1926 models have an oval tank. 1925 Engines had angled spark plugs and manifold engine number starting with D. What made this restoration difficult was the fact that there was not another one to look at for ideas. To date I have not seen another 1926 Oldsmobile.

Knowing where the Oldsmobile is after all these years is pleasing to me. I had visions of it sitting in someone's shed rotting way."


Letter from Mr. Peter Gifford, 2011

Read more about Mr. Gifford's restoration of this car HERE.

Year: 1926
Make: Oldsmobile
Model: Holden 30D
Style: RHD Touring Car

Serial No: 0732
Odometer: 1660
Engine Cyl: 6
Engine Size: 192 cid
Engine HP: 61
Trans: 3-Speed