1946 Ford 1/2 Ton

Ford had just restyled its light duty pickup line for the 1942 models, which appeared in late 1941, when WWII commenced. This is the design we now see in this 1946 pickup, the model Ford resumed building in late 1945 when civilian auto production started up again.

Early buyers could only get delivery in one color: Village Green. The 1946 product has a number of internal improvements over the pre-war version. The 100 hp, 239 ci V-8 has redesigned aluminum pistons, silver alloy bearings, a larger oil pump and a pressurized cooling system. The V-8 was the only power plant available at the start of post-war production. Before the end of the '46 model year, a 226 ci six-cylinder of 90 hp was also available. The V-8 option cost $15 more.

Not only was the truck styling new for 1942, but Ford had also fully updated the truck's frame and suspension from what had been a modified car frame in the 1940 and 1941 models. The new frames had four strengthened cross members and a straight beam front axle suspended by longitudinal leaf springs. In the rear, a set of semi-elliptical longitudinal leaf springs replaced the single transverse spring used before.

This model was produced until late 1947, ending when an all-new line of light trucks for the 1948 model year was introduced.

Year: 1946
Make: Ford
Model: 1/2 Ton
Style: Pickup Truck

Serial No: 99C664920
Odometer: 86395
Engine Cyl: V8
Engine Size: 239 cid
Engine HP: 100
Trans: 3-Speed