1906 Cadillac Model M

The Cadillac Motor Car Company was founded by Henry M. Leland who produced the first Cadillac Model A in 1902.

1906 was Cadillac's biggest year for the sales of single-cylinder cars to date. The company reported that there were nearly 14,000 single-cylinder Cadillacs in use throughout the world.  The car is powered by a 1 cylinder horizontal 5” bore 5” stroke 98.2 cubic inch, 10 horsepower engine which resides under the front seat.  By 1906, placement of the engine in this location was falling out of fashion, so Cadillac disguised the fact with a "false" hood in front.

Model K, 2-seater runabout and Model M, 4-seater Touring car both feature gracefully curved tulip body (seat sides) and curved rear fenders.

Facts excerpted from the Cadillac 1906 catalog*: "1-cylinder Cadillacs feature copper water jacket, mechanical operated vertical valves, variable inlet control, 2-speed planetary gears, mechanical forced-feed lubrication, interchangeable adjustable motor bearings, safety starting device, pressed steel channel frames, jump spark ignition, spark coil on dash, Brown-Lipe spur differential, balanced double-acting clutch bands, 2 double-acting brakes (external contracting and internal expanding), steel hubs, 3-spring suspension with rocker joint on front spring, adjustable ball-jointed radius rods, ratchet foot-pedal brake action, automatic elastic-stop diaphragm carburetor, rack & pinion steering gear, 7-gallons fuel, 3-gallons coolant, foot-actuated low-speed control, high gear and reverse on hand lever, concave steel dashes."

Model M bare chassis and hood, including 30x3½" (76.2x8.89cms) tires sold for $800.

Yan Sanders Cadillac Database www.cadillacdatabase.org
Year: 1906
Make: Cadillac
Model: Model M
Style: Tulip Touring

Serial No: 40785
Engine Cyl: 1
Engine Size: 98.2
Engine HP: 10
Trans: 2-speed planetary