1926 Marmon D-74

The Nordyke & Marmon Company began production of an experimental air-cooled V-twin automobile in 1902. An air-cooled V-4 followed the next year. Marmon soon gained a reputation as a speedy, reliable, and upscale automobile. Marmon automobiles were built in Indianapolis, between the years of 1903 and 1933.

The Model 32 of 1909 led to the Wasp, winner of the first Indianapolis 500 motor race. The Wasp featured the world's first rear-view mirror. Marmon pioneered the use of aluminum in its engine and also in the body and chassis.

The 1926 Marmon D-74 roadster featured an in-line six. Nearly 4500 of were sold in 1926 at a cost of over $3000. Marmon went on to produce a V16 automobile in 1931. The Marmon discontinued automobile production in 1933, which was the worst year of the Great Depression.

ACM's Marmon's 2-passenger roadster body style had been discontinued and not offered in the 1926 Marmon Catalog, but the few remaining bodies left over from production were available as a special order.

Marmon Motor Cars (previously Nordyke and Marmon), made approximately 250,000 cars...fewer than approximately 350 exist today.

ACM's 1929 Marmon successfully completed the 2011 Pebble Beach Motoring Classic.
The Marmon Club http://www.marmonclub.com/
Lou Iccocino, Marmon Club Technical Advisor
Year: 1926
Make: Marmon
Model: D-74
Style: Roadster

Serial No: 161ORC63
Odometer: 45223
Engine Cyl: 6
Engine Size: 339.7
Engine HP: 84
Trans: 3-Speed