1926 Cadillac Series 314

1926 saw a change in models for Cadillac:  the Landau Sedan, Limousine, and Town Brougham were dropped and the coach was renamed Brougham.

The body featured narrower, higher, nickel-plated radiator with vertical, thermostatically controlled shutters. There was a greater distance between the new, one-piece windshield and the radiator.

New drum-shaped headlamps were added; the headlights had a parking bulb plus a double filament bulb for tilting the beam. The rear marker lamp was relocated from the center of the tire to the left fender.

The cast iron block engine was a 314.5c id, V -8 producing over 80 bhp.  It had a three-speed manual transmission.

The 1926 Cadillac had sixty-five lubrication points.

A total of 27,771 Cadillac's were produced in 1926. The four-door, five-passenger sedan pictured here would have sold for $3195.
Year: 1926
Make: Cadillac
Model: Series 314
Style: 4 Door Sedan

Serial No: 134838
Engine Cyl: V8
Engine Size: 315 cid
Engine HP: 80
Trans: 3-Speed