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1969 Datsun 2000/SRL311

Owner: David Snow

The Datsun 2000 was a 2-liter roadster introduced in 1967 (as a souped-up companion to the 1600). While the Brits were making do with finicky overdrive units, the 2000 had a five-speed gearbox designed by Porsche. Top speed was over 120 mph with 0-60 mph in 8.4 seconds. The Peter Brock racing team campaigned the 2000 in the SCCA D-Production class, culminating in a divisional title. A total of 15,718 were produced until 1970, when production ended with the introduction of the 240Z. I bought my silver 2000 in 1974 as a high school graduation present to myself and lovingly drove it for 16 years - twice down & back on scenic California Highway 1 (I topped 105 mph between Cape Kiwanda and Tierra Del Mar, Oregon, one summer!). I sold it and bought an engagement ring for Barbara - and replaced it with a 1989 Nissan 300ZX, which Barbara liked better because she could have her T-top on while I had mine off! Still, I preferred the roadster - it was a blast to drive!
Year: 1969
Make: Datsun
Model: 2000/SRL311
Style: Roadster

Serial No:
Engine Cyl: 4/dual SU carbs
Engine Size: 1982 cc
Engine HP: 135 HP
Trans: 5-speed manual